Taking customer service in airfreight to new heights with Salesforce and Vonage

InnovationJul - 03, 2023

We have partnered with Salesforce and Vonage to innovate our global customer service with a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. This provides customers with faster, better service by phone and digital channels, integrated into a single platform, with more tailored support. We aim to deliver the best customer service worldwide by leveraging the latest technology and data combined with employee expertise.

The partnership with Salesforce provides our customer service teams with a 360-degree view of customers, helping them to optimise services. We see customer service as a cornerstone of our strategy to create seamless, efficient, personalised customer experiences. We consider the use of data and advanced technology, including artificial intelligence (AI) as essential in achieving this.

Having comprehensively assessed our global customer service operations, we identified the untapped potential of data and technology. By implementing the new CRM solution, integrated with a contact centre solution, we want to transform the overall customer experience and streamline processes underpinning customers´ daily business operations.

Using technology from Salesforce and Vonage, customer service teams get a full 360-degree view of customers, allowing them to personalise interactions and provide tailored support across all channels. The full solution includes integrated telephony and AI-driven insights for a better omnichannel service experience. By analysing data on customer preferences, shipping patterns and feedback, we can further optimise our service. The next step will be to explore the potential of generative AI to support service agents.

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