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Express is a SkyTeam product. It offers a wide range of solutions for:

  • Small & urgent shipments
  • Courier shipments
  • Diplomatic shipments
  • Transportation of live human organs
  • Large shipments requiring swift access to capacity and fast handling
  • Shipments of any size combined with a selection of special handling codes

Express Solutions

Express small package service
-Each piece up to 32kgs or up to 130x80x80 max or AWB up to 300 kgs * 
-Deliver up to 90/120 min CDG before scheduled departure  * *
-Available from 90/120 min CDG after landing  * *
-Shortest transit times ( from 180 min ) in our dedicated hubs
-Booking mandatory
-High boarding priority
*   Specific conditions for contracted cargo
** Exceptions may apply based on station capacilities

Small & heavy shipments in accordance with industry standards.
Your demand for speed in carrying small & heavy shipments is very important to us.
We understand your expectations and are fully committed to being your preferred speed carrier.
To this end, we´ve opened a fully automated HubExpress in Paris and are working towards doing the same in Amsterdam

Express large package service
-No weight or dimension limits ***
-Deliver up to 180 min before scheduled departure * *
-Available from 180min CDG after landing * *
-Shortest transit times ( from 360min ) in our dedicated hubs
-Booking mandatory
-High boarding priority
**   Exceptions may apply based on station capacilities
*** Aircraft limitations may apply


Why choose us?

When your goods need to get to their end-destination as quickly as possible, we offer ground and flight handling at express speed. Our Express solutions ensure always to get the highest speed and priority for your urgent shipments.


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myCargo simplifies the way to check schedules, get quotes and make bookings.
Find your own information anywhere, on any device, and keep your files safe.


Capabilities tool & Contact

Quick and easy access to our capabilities is also part of responding to your needs for speed and urgency. With this online tool, you enjoy 24/7 access to the Express solutions available at all the stations of our worldwide network. Take a tour below.

You can also find all our dedicated service teams, they would be happy to help with any request.

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