Boletines informativos para clientes

Nuestro boletín informa a los clientes acerca de temas relacionados con la industria de carga aérea que afectan a nuestro negocio y clientes: aumento del sobrecosto de combustible, ajustes en nuestra red, regulaciones de aduana, etc. Este boletín informativo lo mantiene informado sobre estos desarrollos.

Boletines informativos para clientes 2014

Boletines informativos para clientes 2013

03-12-2013 Click 'n Book, making an e-booking was never so easy
04-11-2013 Extra capacity to Panama this winter from Paris Charles de Gaulle
31-10-2013 Additional destinations requiring electronic shipment information
22-10-2013 Full Freighter Operations to Curitiba (CWB), Brazil
15-10-2013 New destinations in the winter schedule 2013-2014
20-09-2013 Update: Embargo to Lagos (Nigeria) fully lifted on Sunday September 22nd
20-09-2013 Embargo to Lagos (Nigeria) with immediate effect and until further notice
12-09-2013 AFKLMP Cargo implements chargeable weight as basis for surcharges per November 4, 2013
03-09-2013 One Air Waybill (074) for all KLM and Martinair shipments - update
12-08-2013 Additional Freighter opportunities to Cairo (Egypt)
08-08-2013 Fire at Jomo Kenyatta Airport (NBO) - UPDATE
07-08-2013 Fire at Jomo Kenyatta Airport (NBO) – temporary airport closure
05-08-2013 Impact additional security regulations for cargo to the USA - update
05-08-2013 Impact additional security regulations for cargo to the USA
23-07-2013 New Freighter opportunities Caracas
19-07-2013 Announcement Job Transfer Mattijs ten Brink
19-06-2013 Minneapolis (USA), the new AF-KL-MP Cargo summer destination from Paris CDG
17-06-2013 First AF-KL-MP freighter flight to Abu Dhabi (AUH)
12-06-2013 European Air Traffic Control industrial action ending on June 13th at 6.00 AM
11-06-2013 Update: Air France will keep its cargo schedule despite ATC industrial action
10-06-2013 Air France will keep its cargo schedule despite ATC industrial action
05-06-2013 Shipments to Santo Domingo (Benelux)
22-05-2013 Air France-KLM-Martinair Cargo and Etihad start code share network
26-04-2013 KLM and Martinair align requirements for shipping dangerous goods
26-04-2013 New freighter opportunities to Istanbul
28-03-2013 New e-Claim service
19-03-2013 One AWB One sytem
13-03-2013 Summer Schedule 2013
12-03-2013 CDG Cargo operations status update
22-02-2013 Update: Irregularities in part of CDG Cargo Operations
20-02-2013 Irregularities in part of CDG Cargo Operations
19-02-2013 Improved CPS tool for Air France-KLM-Martinair Cargo
15-02-2013 Air France-KLM-Martinair Cargo aligns security surcharge mechanism
13-02-2013 New Pharma 15-25°C product for Air France-KLM-Martinair Cargo
21-01-2013 Cargo Operations back to normal at Paris and Amsterdam
21-01-2013 Snowfall impacts Cargo operations Paris CDG
15-01-2013 Snowfall at Schiphol hub: limited impact
08-01-2013 New Pharma product names in CPS and GFX booking tool
04-01-2013 Expansion Freighter opportunities to Mumbai-Customer Newsletter

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