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During COVID19 period, additional restrictions may be applied regarding the transportation of Live animals.
Please contact your Sales Manager or your Customer Service.

Safe animal transportation worldwide

Your beloved animal on board? You can count on AIR FRANCE KLM MARTINAIR Cargo´s track record when it comes to carrying your animals safely around the world. Our dedicated staff provides the perfect care for animals. Before, during and after take-off.

Focus on well-being
We´ll do our utmost to make your animals´ journey as pleasant as possible. All animals are transported to the aircraft at the latest moment to avoid unnecessary stress and collected directly after the airplane has landed. During transit and upon arrival our well-trained staff members on sight check your animals´ condition. Moreover, at some airports the animals can enjoy the services of Animal Facilities.

On board
In addition to the strict hygiene standards, we provide climate-controlled and pressurized compartments on board which are monitored from the cockpit.

Rules & regulations
To ensure a safe, healthy journey, all live animals are transported and handled according to the IATA Live Animal Regulations (LAR). We fully comply with the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). Furthermore, we are a proud member of the Animal Transportation Association (ATA), the International Pet Animal Transportation Association (IPATA) and the IATA Live Animals and Perishables Board.

At Air France KLM Cargo, the freight transportation of live animals require the assistance of a freight forwarder with specific competence in this kind of transportation.

If you need any species-specific information, please contact our commercial team.

For all Live Animals transported on AF/KL/MP flights, Shipper or his authorised Agent must complete and sign the Shipper´s Certification For Live Animals

Live Products
We have specific products for Live Animals, such as cats and dogs, ornamental fish, horse, day-old chicks, zoo animals, cattle, hatching eggs and insects.

Cats and dogs

You want the very best for your dog or cat? We do too. Our well-trained staff treats your companion with love and respect. Depending on its breed, its weight and of its country of destination, your pet can either travel in the cabin, in the hold or by freight (click here to read all conditions KLM or AF). For freight transportation, animals are welcomed in our climate-controlled, pressurized cargo compartments to ensure your pet´s safety and well-being.

Snub nosed Cats and Dogs
The following snub nosed breeds ( and their crossed breeds) will not be accepted for carriage:
• English Bulldog
• French Bulldog
• Boston Terrier
• Pugs

Exceptions may be granted by AF live animals department. Click here.
Other snub nosed breeds, except the four mentioned above, can be accepted but the kennel must be one size larger than normally required.

Excellent treatment
• Our well-trained staff makes sure your Bella or Buddy is the last to be loaded on
   the plane and the first to come off happy & healthy!
• Kennels are cleaned in transit and on arrival, if possible and necessary
• During transit cats and dogs are temporarily housed in larger kennels and given food
   and water in our hubs.
• Dog-walking service
• Cats get their own litter box
• AIR FRANCE KLM MARTINAIR Cargo is a member of the International Pet and
   Animal Transportation Association (IPATA)

Freight forwarding specialists for pets
At Air France-KLM Cargo, the freight transportation of cats and dogs require the assistance of a freight forwarder with specific competence in pets transportation.
Freight forwarders will be in charge of organizing the entire transportation service
(e.g. : booking, issuance of the airway bill, health and veterinary´s requirements).
For information purposes, please find below, in random order, a list of freight forwarders which work with Air France-KLM Cargo from (metropolitan) France and Amsterdam, and have such knowledge in pets´ transportation.

All Live animals imported into the USA and Canada can no longer be cleared by private individuals, but must be cleared by a broker.
This policy is valid for AF, KLM and MP flights. For information purposes, please find below, in random order, a list of brokers:


Eagle Freight
Phone: +31 (20)316 0077

Zoo Logistics
Phone: +31 (0)20 316 5093

Air Phone: +31 (0)20 405 8318

Phone: +31 (0)20 754 1080

Phone: +31 (0)20 655 1667

Animals To Fly - DTC BV
Phone: +31 (23) 557 7990

Gelders Forwarding
Phone: +31 (0)20 653 4255

Phone: + 31( 0) 88 0185551


Air Transport Animal
Phone: +33 (0) 1 34 38 58 62

Qualitair Marseille
Phone: +33 (0)4 13 43 91 58

Seafrigo Airfreight
Phone: +33 6 78 45 74 50

Goldenway International Pets & Live Animals
Phone: +33 (0)1 48 62 87 25

Phone: +33 (0)13 438 5828

Phone: +33 (0)6 62 23 57 26

Phone: +33 (0)1 48 62 06 57


Unity Customs Brokers / tel: 310-670-2216 / documents@unitycb.com
Jean Duncan Customs / tel: 404-766-0207 / echance@jeanduncan.com
Vantage Customs / tel: 650-875-7722 / jessica@vantagept.com
Coppersmith / tel: 281-442-4800 / mcruz@coppersmith.com / bjones@coppersmith.com
Atlantic Customhouse / tel: 202-258-9164 / vng@achcustomsbroker.com
AAA Customs Brokers / tel: 847-261-0100 / LARISSA@AAACUSTOMS.COM
Atlanta Customs Brokers / tel: 404-762-0953 / Jeff@atlantacustomsbrokers.com
Lisa Ragan Customs / tel: 770-996-9903 / bo@lisaragan.net
Atlanta Customs Broker /tel: 404-762-0953 / jeff@atlantacustomsbrokers.com
Florida Imports CHB / tel: 305-437-8223 - FLORIDAIMPORTSCHB@MSN.COM
Nataliya Rice's agency / tel: 919-605-4903 / nsrice@yahoo.com
HAHN Intl Inc / 310-216-6691 / victor.hahn@hahnintl.com
Dynasty Customs Broker / 650-794-4103 / june.huang@dynastysfo.com
Customs Broker Suppliers / 407-857-8814 / cbs1808@gmail.com
James R Martin / 305-597-0551 / operations@jrmchb.com

C&R Customs Broker / 305-885-5244 / ryan@crcustomsbrokers.com
Geodis/tel 610-505-1234 / mike.andrel@geodis.com
James G Wiley Customs Brokers/ tel 310-988-4032 / sal@jgwiley.com


TOTAL CUSTOMS : pets@totalcustoms.ca

TOTAL CUSTOMS : pets@totalcustoms.ca

Pet Relocate: import@petrelocate.com

Pet Relocate : import@petrelocate.com
International Animal Lounge: manager@ialyyc.com

Worldwide Animal Travel : animaltravel.com info@animaltravel.com
Pet Relocate : import@petrelocate.com


Leading stables and equestrian teams choose AIR FRANCE KLM MARTINAIR Cargo to transport their valuable horses around the world. Why? Because professional attendants make sure the horses travel safe and comfortably. In need of special requirements? Our customized approach is ready to offer you a tailor-made solution. You can count on our dedicated services and equipment to take your horses to their destination in excellent condition.

Excellent treatment
• KLM provides professional attendants on KL flights
• On AIR FRANCE and MARTINAIR Cargo flights, the choice of the approved
   attendant is yours
• State-of-the-art stalls specially designed for the safety of your horses
• Pre/post-flight stall disinfection/cleaning
• Horses remain in our care throughout the shipping process
• Customized treatment and comfortable accommodation at the animal facilities in the
• Veterinarian on call in the hubs

Chicks and hatching eggs

Your day-old chicks and hatching eggs require delicate handling. AIR FRANCE KLM MARTINAIR Cargo takes special care in creating an optimized environment to ensure a safe and comfortable transport. Our carefully selected network guarantees dedicated handling worldwide. How? By training local handlers to ensure proper pallet build-up and good ventilation, necessary for the well-being of the animals.

Excellent treatment
• Accommodation at our climate-controlled animal facilities in our hubs
• Specialized care by our dedicated staff
• Pallet build-up with wooden and Styrofoam spacers for optimal air flow
• We are a member of the Association of the European Poultry Breeders (EPB)


Shipping captive-bred and wild-caught fish (marine fish, invertebrates and corals) is one of our specialties. Through our select worldwide network for ornamental fish from various origins, we offer ideal solutions for transportation. The species travel protected in strong plastic bags filled with water and oxygen, and packed in polystyrene foam boxes to provide perfect protection. Keeping the fish in good condition is our priority.

Excellent treatment
• In-transit accommodation at our climate-controlled animal facilities at the hubs
• We are a member of Ornamental Fish International (OFI)

Specials: from insects to zoo animals

AIR FRANCE KLM MARTINAIR Cargo has an excellent reputation in the field of animal transport, from insects to cattle and zoo animals. Our customized solutions and special procedures for transporting these live specials comply with the highest safety and quality standards before, during and directly after transport. Over the years we have developed valuable and close partnerships with experienced agents and shippers to gain insight into participating zoos and animal reception centres.

Excellent treatment
• Fully hygienic accommodation at the animal facilities in the hubs
• Specialized care by our dedicated staff
• In-house EU inspection facilities

Note: when hubs are mentioned, we refer to Paris Charles de Gaulle and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

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