Import Control System 2 (ICS2)

Availability and transition period ICS2

The European Union will implement the second release of ICS2 on 1 July 2023. There is a transition period (deployment window) from 1 July 2023 to 1 October 2023.

Until 1 July 2023, the current procedure will remain unchanged and ENS will be filed with ICS1.

For more detailed information please go to Import Control System 2 - Release 2 (

What is the Import Control System (ICS2)

ICS2 is a new and updated customs electronic import system. It will manage the advance safety and security risk analysis for all goods entering the European Union (EU).

ICS2 is the automated entry process that applies to the entire EU. This process monitors the security of the EU´s external border. Automation of the process should also ensure that data can be exchanged more efficiently between EU member states.

ICS2 applies to all cargo and mail with a destination within – or transit via – the EU.

The system requires customs pre-acceptance and pre-arrival security and safety clearance. The new requirements will become mandatory effective 1 March 2023.

We are preparing for this new requirement by adapting the existing processes and systems in order to ensure full compliance. The successful introduction of the changes required by the ICS2 regulation will depend on your active participation and compliance.

We need your DATA!

We take care of the translation to ENS and file, we file based on carrier obligation to obtain final status. We take care of absorbing referrals from the authorities. If all data is provided in time, a green lane for acceptance can be provided.

It is necessary that all the available data has been submitted before pre-loading. Consignments and cargo will not be accepted if the necessary data (FWB/FHL) is not available.

It should also be noted that poor quality declarations will either be rejected or subject to unnecessary interventions, and may result in sanctions for non-compliance

Provide us the following information as soon as the information becomes available, but no later than prior to loading onto the aircraft:

• Full FWB / FHL message

Please note that failure to provide this additional information will lead to non-acceptance of the goods at the station of origin.

Want to know more about the data that is needed for ICS2, please check the following information movies made by the European Commission.

Movie 2 about ICS2

Relaxation Period

The new European Union customs requirements regarding import - ICS2 - have officially become mandatory as per 1 March.

12 EU members states, including French and Dutch Customs authorities, requested for a relaxation period and therefore their systems will only be ready for ICS2 as of 1 July 2023.

Air France KLM Martinair Cargo will nevertheless continue to request its customers to comply with the new ICS2 requirements as soon as possible. This means that we will require the full FWB and FHL data prior to acceptance, in order to fulfill the carrier´s responsibility regarding the pre-loading filing.

ICS2 additional messaging conditions

Airfrance – KLM Cargo demands the full FWB (and FHL) data prior to acceptance to fulfil it´s carrier responsibility with regards to the pre-loading filing.

For profiling purposes and mandatory ICS2 reporting to EU customs authorities, FWB/FHL messages must be transmitted to Air France KLM Martinair Cargo before handover of the goods.

To ensure the smooth implementation of this new regulation, we kindly request that you include these new data elements in your FWB and FHL messages. It is crucial for the additional information to be entered into the appropriate Harmonized System Code fields.

What is a HS Code?

A HS code (Harmonized System code) is a code that customs worldwide use for classifying products. Each product has a different HS code. A HS code of a product consists of six digits. All countries in the world use the same HS codes for their products. The HS code for, for example, leather handbags is therefore the same in all these countries, namely 4202 21. We only demand the first 6 digits of the HS Code.

A detailed list of HS Codes can be found HERE
For more information about the HS Codes please go to World Customs Organization

What is an EORI number and who needs an EORI number?

EORI stands for “Economic Operators Registration and Identification number”.

Businesses and people wishing to trade must use the EORI number as an identification number in all customs procedures when exchanging information with Customs administrations.

Any economic operators established in the EU should always be registered in the Member State where they are established. Even if the first operation takes place in another Member State, economic operators must ask the Member State in which they are established to assign them an EORI number.

For more detailed information on EORI please check the website of the European Commission

The European Commission has designed an EORI eLearning course which is free to download from their website.
Please check EORI eLearning course for more information about the course, who the course is for, and how to download it.

Postal Code

Please note that, except for countries without postal code, your FWB/FHL messages must also mandatory include the postal code for EU-bound and transit goods. Check the list of mandatory postal code countries to avoid eventual rejects by EU Customs.

Telephone number

Make sure to always use the right international format for your telephone numbers in your FWB/FHL message. This way you will avoid eventual requests for information from EU Customs delaying your shipments. Check the ITU-T notation standard for international telephone numbers here.

e-AWB agreement

We would like to encourage all our customers to sign up for an “e-AWB-agreement” for smooth handling. Please refer to this page on our website for more relevant information, including the e-AWB agreement.

For technical questions related to the (ICS2) messaging conditions, please contact our e-Freight team via email:

More detailed information

For more detailed information on “Import Control System 2 (ICS 2)” please refer to the website of the European Commission.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ICS2?

ICS2 (Import Control System) is a new system that has been designed to improve security by identifying high-risk consignments among shipments entering the EU. It will collect information about shipment entering to EU prior to be loaded into the aircraft.

What is not ICS2?

ICS2 is not an import system and it is not used to process the customs declarations for release into free circulation.

Who will be impacted by ICS2?

ICS2 affects a wide range of parties involved in various modes of transportation such Air carriers, Postal operators, Freight Forwarders, Express Carriers.

What is an ENS ?

An Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) is the electronic message that is used to inform customs authorities about the intention to bring goods into the EU customs territory, using a prescribed form and following specific time limits. As soon as the FWB/FHL or XFWB/XFZB are received from customers. The FWB/ FHL or XFWB/XFZB informations will be converted to ENS message then will be sent by AFKL to the EU STI (Shared Trader Interface)

EU regulatory stated the deadline by 1 Mar 2023, may we know any grace period in between?

Yes, grace period till October 2023 however we urge our customers to be ready by March 2023.

Which countries are part of ICS2?

EU-27 member states + Switzerland, Norway and Northern Ireland.

Will AFKL support C-IMP and C-XML message in the scope of ICS2?

Yes, AFKLM will support FHL/FWB in C-IMP or C-XML format and will convert into ENS message format required by EU Commission.

Is ICS2 applicable for intra -European transport (ex Orign: Madrid - Destination: Paris) ?

No, not applicable to intra-European transport. No for trucking only flight.

Is HS code will become mandatory?

First 6 digits of HS code is required on the lowest level:
   • If direct AWB it is on AWB (XFWB/FWB level)
   • In case of consolidation, the HS code should be indicated on the HAWB and MAWB. On the MAWB it should be the HS code of the more prevalent items (the HS code that allows to best identify goods transported)

Under which field the HS code needs to be filled ?

Please refer to our messaging guidance document.

What's an EORI number?

An EORI number, or Economic Operators' Registration and Identification number, is a unique identifier assigned to businesses and individuals involved in importing, exporting, or moving goods within the European Union. It is used for customs and VAT purposes. (Please refer to European Commission website for more detail:

Is the EORI number mandatory will be mandatory on FWB and FHL ?

EORI number should be filled in FWB/ FHL however it will be mandatory only for European consignees.

Which mandatory information need to be transmitted in the FWB and in which fields they need to be filled?

AFKL provide messaging guidance document to help their customers. This document aims to provide some technical support about the newly mandatory data and their format (CIMP/XML) to enrich the FWB messages. Please refer to our messaging guidance document.

What are the FHL and FWB versions that can be accommodated by AFKL.

Lowest FHL and FWB version supported by AFKL are the version 4 for the FHL and the version 16 for the FWB.


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