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Expert care for the most comfortable journey

From pets, horses and exotic animals to ornamental fish, insects and livestock: we guarantee that animals travel comfortably and with minimal stress, thanks to species-appropriate accommodation and care throughout the journey.


Focus on animal welfare

Animal welfare is the top priority for our experienced team. Our staff and facilities are fully available to bring you and your friends a stress-free journey.

Extensive network for live animals

We transport all types of animals with dedicated handling throughout our extensive network. That means we are fully equipped to guarantee a smooth and comfortable journey all around the world.

Highest quality of expertise

To ensure a safe, healthy journey, all live animals are transported and handled according to the IATA Live Animal Regulations (LAR) – which means that health, safety, temperature and ventilation are under constant control.


Cats and dogs
  • Thanks to decades of expertise, our well-trained staff takes excellent care of your Bella or Buddy. Your pet will be transported according to the IATA LAR requirements, to ensure a safe journey.
  • To select your forwarder, we'd like to direct you to the website of the International Pet And Animal Transportation Association.
  • Only want the best for your horses? Air France KLM Martinair Cargo transports your valuable animals through our full-freighter network. The professional team and 24/7 veterinarian on call guarantee that your horse is safe and secure, wherever it goes.
Chicks and hatching eggs
  • We devote extra care to your vulnerable day-old chicks and hatching eggs through our entire network. Our experts provide the utmost attention to creating the optimal environment, through climate control and optimised pallet handling.
  • Ever seen a fish fly? We do, every day. As an expert recognised by the Organisation of Ornamental Fish (OFI), we offer the best conditions to ensure the comfort of every fish under our care.
Specials: from insects to zoo animals
  • With years of experience, we are an expert in shipping all kinds of animals, from insects to zoo animals. Our tailored solutions and special procedures comply with the highest safety and quality standards before, during and directly after transport.

Product Features and Specifications

Discover our network and capabilities

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Check, book and track your shipment

Our award-winning digital tool myCargo allows you to manage your Live shipments, 24/7. This means you have control over your cargo, wherever you are.

Our dedicated experts are ready to help you

Do you have any questions or inquieries? Our service teams are always available to help you find the perfect solution.

Designed according to the highest animal welfare standards

Our dedicated staff in the Animal facilities in Paris and Amsterdam provide expert care. All animals are transported to the aircraft at the latest moment to avoid unnecessary stress and collected directly after the airplane has landed.

Discover our Amsterdam and Paris Hubs

All live animals are transported and handled according to the IATA Live Animal Regulations (LAR).

We fully comply with the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) and we are a proud member of the Animal Transportation Association (ATA), the International Pet Animal Transportation Association (IPATA) and the IATA Live Animals and Perishables Board.

 Leading the sustainable aviation reformation

 We are actively working towards reducing CO2 emissions and creating a more sustainable future for aviation:

  - Our Sustainable Aviation Fuel Programme is changing the aviation game. SAF can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 85%
  - Our modern fleet (Boeing 787, Airbus A350) burns 27% less fuel compared to previous generation aircrafts
  - Our state of the art processes and facilities ensure the highest reliability possible. In 2020, this reduced waste due to
  product losses and temperature deviations by 32%

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