Impactful Collaborations

Combatting food waste

AFKLMP Cargo is active in the perishable goods transportation segment. The teams maintain a permanent relationship with all the players in the value chain (producers, exporters, importers, supermarkets, airport authorities, etc.) to promote sustainable development in the agricultural and air transportation sectors. 
  • Numerous initiatives are under way: joint communication actions with the Paris-CDG plant protection department and exporter customers, improvement in perishable goods handling capacity and management of the cold chain, etc. 
  • The Group is also a member of the Cold Chain association and contributes to its work on reducing food waste. Within this framework, 2019 saw the definition of the priority measures to be implemented for the sustainable development of air-shipped exports of West African mangoes, at both technical (combatting fruit flies which degrade the quality of the fruit) and logistical level (improvement in airport infrastructures at Burkina Faso and in Senegal notably, and verification procedures at Paris-CDG).

Aviation Without Borders

Air France and KLM support the French Aviation Sans Frontières and the Dutch Aviation Without Borders. This emergency aid organization carries out air transport missions, transports cargo shipments with medical supplies to remote areas and arranges transport for sick children who are accompanied by Air France and KLM volunteers. In 2018, 1,400 sick and recovered children were carried on Air France flights and 8,500 packages of medicines and smaller medical equipment were shipped to 26 destinations by Air France.

Protected species

Air France and KLM are signatories of the Buckingham Palace Declaration which formalizes our resolute commitment to combatting illegal trading in protected species. For many years, we have been committed to combatting this illegal trade.
  • For example, our cargo division has already carried out a number of initiatives, notably employee training and awareness raising for customers, and participates in working groups with international bodies and associations (World Organization for Animal Health – OIE, IATA, United for Wildlife).
  • Air France is behind a working group set up at the end of 2017, bringing together Paris Aéroport, the Customs authorities, Chronopost and WWF to plan joint, coordinated initiatives at the Paris-CDG hub.

Dutch plan of action

In 2018, the Dutch airline industry presented the “Smart and Sustainable” plan of action to make aviation more sustainable. Twenty transport organizations and knowledge institutions joined forces to accelerate existing developments that will make aviation more sustainable. The ambition is to reduce total CO2 emissions from the Dutch airline industry to the level of 2005. This is in addition to the substantial carbon reductions that civil aviation realizes through the EU Emissions Trading System and the global UN Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) that give substance to the Paris Agreement objectives. In 2019, a progress report was published, which can be found here (Dutch only).

Solar Impulse Foundation

In December 2019, Air France announced the signature of a partnership with the Solar Impulse Foundation, to promote the identification and rapid implementation of economically and environmental viable solutions for aviation. Air France and the Solar Impulse Foundation are calling for clean, efficient and profitable solutions to accelerate the environmental transition of the aviation sector.

Acting Together For Responsible Travel

At the end of 2019, Air France invited partners, experts, high-profile individuals, innovation players and business leaders to participate in a round table on the theme ‘Acting Together For Responsible Travel´ (Agir ensemble pour un voyage responsable). This meeting, supported by figures and concrete examples, aimed at outlining the airline´s commitment to reduce its impact of on the environment and to mobilize players around responsible travel.

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