Air France KLM Cargo product rebranding

General CargoOct - 17, 2019
New brand names to align with our SkyTeam Cargo partners

We made some changes in the Air France KLM Cargo product branding. That is because we are aligning the names and logos of our products with those of our SkyTeam Cargo partners, making it easier for you to do business across all SkyTeam airlines. The products themselves stay as they are.

Simpler and more explicit labels for six products.

Besides updating the branding of our product categories, we have given the six products below names that are more descriptive and easier to understand:

Pharma Control 2-8 > Pharma +2+8
Pharma Control 15-25 > Pharma +15+25
Pharma Control 2-25 > Pharma +2+25
Fresh 1 > Fresh Active
Fresh 2 > Fresh +2+8
Fresh 3 > Fresh +2+25

These six products are available in SPECIALIZED or CUSTOMIZED versions. All our other product names remain unchanged.

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