Your active tracking device

We offer you the option of using active tracking devices on Air France KLM Cargo services. This will allow you to track your shipment more precisely whenever you need to, in whatever way that suits you. Our aim is to support you in using end-to-end tracking solutions throughout the journey of your shipment.

The use of active tracking devices aboard our flights is subject to two conditions:
  • The device must be approved by Air France KLM Cargo; and
  • The Air France KLM Cargo acceptance requirements must be followed.

If you intend to use this new option, please read the following very carefully. Full details of our conditions are available here.

Flight Safety

The active tracking device you choose needs to be approved by Air France KLM Cargo. We have already approved the following devices:

  1. Anttail
  2. Bosch Sense S
  3. Bosch Sense T
  4. Calamp SC1004
  5. Calamp SC1102
  6. Calamp Butterfly
  7. Calamp Etag
  8. Cartasense U-Sensor 100115.
  9. Controlant Model CO 10.01
  10. Controlant Saga
  11. Controlant Saga P
  12. Controlant Saga H
  13. Emerson Go Real-time 2G/3G Tracker
  14. Emerson Go Tracker 1.5
  15. Fedex Senseaware 3000
  16. Fedex Senseaware M4
  17. Hanhaa Parcel Live
  18. Kirsen A type
  19. Libero GE
  20. Libero GF
  21. Libero GH
  22. Libero GL
  23. Libero GS
  24. OnAsset Sentry500 Flightsafe
  25. Onasset Sentry 600 flightsafe
  26. Onasset Sentinel 100 (A, B, L, P & S)
  27. Onasset Sentinel 100 (C)
  28. Roambee BeeSense
  29. Roambee BeeBeacon
  30. Roambee BeeBeacon Plus
  31. Sendum PT300D
  32. Sensitech T11013050 Geo Ultra Alkaline data logger also known as TempTale Geo Ultra / VizComm View Ultra
  33. Sensitech 11013070 Geo Ultra dry ice alkaline also known as TempTale Geo Ultra Dry Ice
  34. Skycell AG Savy Sensor
  35. Sony Mobiam
  36. Stracker PT35
  37. TagNtrag SLB1 (smart label)
  38. Tive TT4000
  39. Tive TT7000
  40. Tive TT7100
  41. Versa 1
  42. 7P Solutions GL300 WCDAMA
  43. 7P Solutions GL300 MG

Other active tracking devices may only be used when they have been approved by Air France KLM Cargo and added to the above list.

If you have any questions about the Air France KLM Cargo approval procedure, please contact.

Requests for approval of 5G devices can´t be taken into the process until further notice.

If you have questions about the tracking devices themselves, please contact the manufacturers directly.

The booking

When making a booking, always let our local customer service agent know if you will be using an approved active tracking device. The IATA Special Handling Code EMD must be used when making the booking. The device brand name & type must be capture in the free text. The same applies for the FWB.


Info needed for AWB handling specifications

You will need to fill in the brand & type of the tracking device in the handling information on the AWB and in the OSI line of the FWB.

Please also confirm the following by stating: “The device is in good and safe condition, and placed as instructed by the supplier.”

IATA Dangerous Goods regulations

If a shipment contains more than two active tracking devices using lithium batteries, the shipment must be declared as a “DGR lithium battery shipment” in compliance with IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.

IATA Special Handling Code

The IATA Special Handling code EMD (Electronic Monitoring Device) is applicable and must be used when making bookings (Including E-bookings in CPS).

The following restrictions apply when devices are used for 057/074 AWB´s:  

  1. Cuba & Sudan. Active tracking devices can be subject to United States export controls. We don´t allow them on flights to the following countries: North Korea, Iran, Syria, Sudan and Cuba. This means we actually don´t accept active tracking devices on flights to Havana (Cuba) & Khartoum (Sudan).
  2. All KLM City hopper aircraft.
  3. Other carrier´s aircraft allowing 057/074 AWB´s like MNG Airlines, Air Calin & China Southern & China Eastern.
  4. Interline shipments containing active tracking devices can´t be accepted.
  5. DL aircrafts: devices used must be approved by DL. This can be checked on the DL Cargo website.

Cool containers

When making a booking (including E-bookings in CPS) for a shipment in a cool container, always let our local customer service agent know if the cool container has an integrated active tracking device. If this is the case the IATA Special Handling Code EMD must be used in the booking. Also the container brand name & ULD type need to be recorded in the booking.

On the AWB and in the OSI line of the FWB , the ULD type must be filled in the handling information. The special handling code EMD and the confirmation “The device is in good and safe condition” must be added here as well.

Restrictions mentioned apply as well to cool containers using integrated active devices.

Cool containers with integrated active tracking devices can only be used after approval of both the ULD type and the integrated active tracking device. We have already approved the following ULD types:

  1. RAP by Csafe (with Sendum PT300D)
  2. RAP Releye by Envirotainer (with Sentry 500 and Actia Gateway)
  3. RKN by Csafe (with Sendum PT300D)

Information Sharing

Please note that we have no intervention service in place for alerts from active tracking devices. Our normal service will be in place.

Conditions for the use of active tracking

If you intend to use active tracking devices, please read our conditions very carefully. Full details of our conditions are available here

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