Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Our planet is having a tough time, which is why we´re fully committed to reducing the impact of aviation on the environment. We´re actively leading the way towards a more sustainable industry and a better environment for us all. Reducing the carbon footprint of our flights is a top priority and using Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is an effective way to do so, because it is a cleaner substitute for conventional jet fuel. The good news is that you, as an AFKLMP customer, are already part of this sustainability drive.

Two ways of contributing

Customers are now able to choose between four levels of SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) contribution within myCargo when they make a booking. We are constantly working to reduce the CO2 emissions of our flights. By giving customers the power to decide on their own level of SAF contribution, we can fuel a more sustainable future, together.

Our SAF programme
The Cargo SAF programme makes it possible for shippers and forwarders to power a share of their flights using SAF. Customers can choose their own level of engagement, while we make sure that the investment will be used entirely to source SAF. When investing in SAF, our customers receive a third-party audited report linking the amount of SAF purchased to the traffic volume, with an indication of the resulting cut in carbon emissions.

Three reasons to join the SAF programme

Be part of the change

Become a partner in a long-term project to reduce the carbon footprint of the airline industry.

Improved green credentials

Contribute to improving the sustainability of your and your clients´ supply chains

Prepare for decarbonisation

Be a part of the transition to net zero and help reduce overall CO2 emissions from airfreight carriage ahead of the EU´s 2035 decarbonisation goal.

Proud of our partners


SAF on our flights from CDG and AMS

In line with our strategy and in anticipation of EU Green Deal initiatives, Air France KLM will add a percentage (0.5% to 1%) of SAF on all flights departing from France and the Netherlands. We have made this part of our All-in rate since February 2022 to cover the additional costs. To achieve economies of scale, we continue to invest in SAF.

What Is sustainable aviation fuel?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SAF?

SAF stands for “Sustainable Aviation Fuel” and is a cleaner substitute for conventional jet fuel. This alternative fuel represents a solution that has been developed to reduce the impact of aviation on the environment.

What is the Cargo SAF programme?

The Cargo SAF programme makes it possible for shippers and forwarders to power a share of their flights using SAF. Customers can choose their own level of engagement, while we make sure that the investment will be used entirely to source SAF.

What is goSAF contribution?

Our latest offering, goSAF, allows you to select one of four different levels of SAF when you book on myCargo, giving you the opportunity to offset the CO₂ emissions of your shipment.

What is the difference between goSAF contribution and the Cargo SAF programme?

The Cargo SAF programme is a fixed annual amount for contributing to SAF, while goSAF is a contribution on AWB level.

Will the flight of my shipment on which I make the contribution to reduce my CO₂emissions contain SAF?

With your contribution, we buy extra SAF that we add to the fuel system at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol & Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (or one of the other airports where we add SAF). Your shipment will not directly include your extra SAF contribution because it is logistically inefficient and complicated to arrange. Because we add SAF to the airport fuel system, also other flights depart with more SAF on board and therefore have lower emissions. But they can't claim CO₂ reduction because they didn't pay for it. AFKLMP Cargo is audited annually to ensure that the claimed CO₂ reduction corresponds to the SAF certificates we have received.

Does AFKLMP Cargo make profit with the goSAF contribution and Cargo SAF programme?

Your extra SAF contribution is 100% used to buy more SAF. AFKLMP Cargo does not make a profit on this.

How does AFKLMP Cargo contribute to SAF?

In 2022 we started adding SAF (0.5% - 1%) on our flights departing from Paris Charles de Gaulle and Amsterdam Schiphol. Although 0.5% - 1% might seem very little, it is an important step in the right direction. We will have to work with all parties around us and come up with rock-solid solutions and innovations to speed up the use and production of SAF.

Could I also book the goSAF contribution with a CS agent?

Yes, that would be possible. However, in some exceptional cases we don´t have the proper calculation available right away for a flight or shipment with a very specific need.

Could I also add this to an allocation booking?

Yes, to an allocation shipment booking in myCargo, you can also add the SAF contribution

Where can I see which AWBs I have booked the SAF product on?

At the start we will not have a dashboard available in myCargo, however your Sales Manager can provide you with a dashboard showing which AWBs you have booked on, the amount of SAF, the costs and CO₂ reduction

How will I see that I have SAF on a shipment?

SAF will be invoiced via the standard invoicing method and it will be charged as an Other Charge. We will start with the Other Charge “MU”. As soon as IATA has provided the new codes for a SAF Other Charge, we will switch. This will be provided on your booking confirmation, it will also be indicated in the invoice/IATA CASS statement.

How come the SAF price has changed?

SAF doesn´t have a fixed price and is dependent on different drivers, such as the price of the feedstock and the ROX, therefore it is possible that the SAF price is changed over time

Why is the SAF amount not adjusted to the actuals?

The SAF amount is a fixed amount based on your booking details and it will not be updated based on your actuals. Therefore the amount of reduction can be different vs booked. You will find the finals back in the dashboard that your Sales Manager can provide.

Where can I find the legal conditions of the goSAF contribution on an AWB?

During the booking process, you have accepted the terms and conditions related to the goSAF contribution. See link

Can we receive a certificate or a receipt at least for each booking via myCargo saying we supported CO₂ reduction? What does it look like?

You will only receive a report if you have a total investment of 12 500 euro per year. If you have a contract on the side, you can also receive a report for the additional investments.

I have added a goSAF contribution, but I want to cancel it.

Before RCS you can do it by Modify my booking, after RCS it is not possible to cancel the goSAF contribution anymore. It will be non-refundable and you´ll be obliged to pay the commitment.

Why do I not see any calculation on the goSAF contributions on my selected flight?

Some new flights or routes are too short to have a proper calculation in the system. Therefore we don´t offer a goSAF contribution.

What are the benefits of using SAF on an AWB level?

You are flexible to determine which shipments you´d like to fly on SAF

What will I see in the booking confirmation?

You will find the SAF charge indicated as an Other Charge Code. Previously the other charge code used was MU there is now a specific code for Sustainable Aviation fuel namely; ZD (Aligned with IATA Standards)

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