More options to book vulnerable goods in myCargo

InnovationMar - 13, 2023

Starting from 7 March, customers can now quote and book a wider range of Safe 2 products (products vulnerable to theft) directly through myCargo in all our markets*. This expansion in the scope of booking specific types of vulnerable goods through myCargo is a step forward in our goal to make myCargo as easy, efficient, and user-friendly as possible to cater to all your operational needs.

We strive to offer online quoting and booking options for as many commodities as possible. However, we cannot guarantee that all commodities within Safe 2 (VUN) are eligible for online bookings. Certain commodities, such as military goods, will remain within the offline scope. You can start the quotation process online through myCargo, but the booking finalization will require personal assistance from our customer service teams.

With myCargo, you can benefit from a worldwide network of shipping opportunities for your cargo. As always, you can reach out to our dedicated experts through your local customer service team for any further queries.

*except for Madagascar

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