CDG Sodexi

Sodexi is the airside hub at Charles de Gaulle for specialised handling of the Equation product offered by AF-KL Cargo and SkyTeam Cargo member airlines. All shipments are handled by dedicated teams using dedicated express parcel technology such as bar-coding used for scanning, warehouse preparation and tracing. Sodexi offers a sorting system with a handling capacity of up to 6,000 parcels an hour. Special-purpose vehicles equipped with GPS positioning are used.


Quality levels are monitored in real time. Optimal security levels are guaranteed by using a round-the-clock video surveillance system linked to the security operations command post and by using X-ray technology. All inbound, outbound and transit cargo is scanned. Using the track & trace menu on this website you can locate your shipment in real time.

Airport/doorstep delivery

Sodexi has set up a worldwide customs clearance and delivery network dubbed MACH+, established in partnership with acknowledged regional specialists in Africa, the Middle East, the Americas and elsewhere. MACH+ delivers optimal service for customers.

The Express Supermarket

Launched in 1996, the Express Supermarket is based on a unique concept. Sodexi offers private offices and warehouses within their express hub for freight forwarding, express parcels and integrator customers. This means privileged access to data and operational IT systems, direct access to a pool of expert staff and technical resources such as vehicles and scanners.

Key Figures

Surface area: 20,000 m2
Headcount: 400
Operations: 24/7 year-round
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