With some cargo, you really want to play it safe.
Our secure cargo services offer you the extra security measures that your valuable shipment needs.

Safe 1

Safe 1 guarantees secure and quick transportation of those valuable goods that need first-rate security measures, such as gold and other precious metals, diamonds, bank notes and jewellery. Our fully qualified security personnel uphold tight security measures and ensure top-priority handling of your shipment. Your valuables are monitored throughout shipment and transit and stored in secured areas.
Safe 1 offers:
  • Vault storage;
  • Dedicated and specifically trained security personnel
  • Guarded ramp transport and loading/unloading of aircraft;
  • Fully secured vehicles;
  • Integrity in handling and communication;
  • Pre-alerting
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Priority boarding

Safe 2

Safe 2 provides basic security measures to our general cargo product. It is specifically tailored to valuables as microchips, mobile phones, high-value pharmaceuticals, haute couture and cameras.
Safe 2 offers:
  • Storage in secure area with video surveillance
  • Special handling outside the general Cargo process
  • Priority boarding
  • Dedicated and specifically trained personnel

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