The G1XL (Gare n°1 Extra Large) airfreight terminal was taken into operation in 1976. It is one of a kind in terms of its high-tech facilities and unrivalled flexibility in serving customers. It forms the beating heart of the company's global cargo network. A modern, functional connecting or transit hub, G1XL uses cutting-edge technology solutions at every stage of handling to boost operational quality and cut transit times.

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High-Tech Facilities

Pallet arrivals and departures are 100% automated. The automated systems, and especially the fully-autonomous automatic guided vehicles or AGVs are connected to Pélican, the computerised cargo management system. Processing inside the terminal is horizontal and ergonomic, offering guaranteed uninterrupted access to cargo even in the event of a problem.


The process-based reorganisation seeks to streamline handling, enhance reservations fulfilment, shipment availability performance, punctuality and customer waiting time. G1XL also offers maximum security thanks to 24-hour video surveillance, X-ray screening, control access by post inspection screening and compulsory passes for all staff and visitors.
To optimise handling times, the terminal is process-driven for departures and arrivals in a matrix organisation using quality, security and environment (QSE).

Shipment Traceability

Shipment traceability is improved on a daily basis through using the Magellan system to maximise the reliability of addressing during the handling process. Customers can locate their shipment at all times either through Traxon or by logging on to the website.

Key figures

Covered surface area: 130,000 m2 (= 13 football fields)
Total surface area: 140,000 m2
Headcount: 1,450
Apron: 6 parking stands for freighters

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