Integrate & Innovate

Integrate and Innovate

The vast amount of rules and restrictions in a changing global context requires an integrated approach if we want to comply with these rules. The circle of integrated compliance and safety consists of four stages.
  • The first one concerns safety to our aircraft, crew, passengers and Cargo. This is about security, dangerous goods, weight, and balance.
  • The second stage concerns are license to operate. Here we look at export, transit and import controls, strategic/military/dual-use goods, live animals and customs data.
  • The third stage is about being responsible. Here we look at illicit wildlife trade, anti-counterfeit and contraband.
  • The fourth part of the circle closing the loop is about innovation where we look at the combination of emerging technology applied in a concept of operations that will sustain and improve the previous three stages. 

Compliance and Blockchain

KLM Cargo together with other supply chain stakeholders is looking into applying block chain technology to enable authentication throughout the supply chain on the provenance and transportation or pharmaceutical goods. This can possibly enable enforcement agencies to validate the goods based on data prior to arrival in their territory.

#ODYSSEY2020 and the internet of Logistics track

KLM Cargo is the challenge lead at #ODYSSEY2020 on the Internet of Logistics track – Compliant Air Cargo Flow.

21 CHALLENGES TO SHAPE THE 21ST CENTURY Odyssey Hackathon provides a new space where everyone (and everything) can become part of a solution to a 21st-century challenge.

The challenges we tackle are complex problems that involve multiple stakeholders and cannot be solved by a single company, industry, or state. They have a global societal and economic impact, and are tied to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

At the fourth edition of the Hackathon (November 13-15), 105 selected teams will collaborate with corporates, governments, and non-profits to create solutions to how we organize society in the 21st century. The areas where teams can make an impact range from energy transition, logistics, urban infrastructure, healthcare, public safety to nature conservation and digital identity. Hundreds of Jedi, including the legal and financial regulators, will be there to support the teams in building their solutions.


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