Specialized Safe

All eyes on your cargo

Sometimes you really need to be 100% sure that everything is safe and secure – and that's when our Safe solutions have got you covered. This service is made to comply with all security measures and ensure safe passage wherever your shipment goes.


Trained security personnel

Strict protocols and security measures ensure the safety of shipments. A team of highly trained professionals handle all cargo with the utmost care and attention.

Security throughout the network

We offer specific containers and storage area for your valuable and vulnerable shipments. Our secure network stations have all the needful capabilities, and we are committed to expanding it each season with attractive new opportunities.

The technology to keep you safe

Discover the benefits of (secured) track and trace, proactive monitoring and globally consistent handling according to the highest industry standards.


Safe 1
  • Our premium product offers the highest priority for your most valuable cargo, such as bank notes, gold, diamonds, jewellery and priceless artworks. We offer special containers and audited vault storage at each of our high-tech facilities.
  • Our qualified security personnel assure excellent handling and monitoring throughout the entire journey. All movements of the cargo, from acceptance to flight uplift are closely monitored.
Safe 2
  • Safe 2 is the solution for your vulnerable cargo, such as microchips, mobile phones, high-value pharmaceuticals without temperature requirements, haute couture and other luxury goods. Our Safe 2 offer includes dedicated storage with CCTV surveillance on 24/7 basis and has an increased priority.

Product Features and Specifications

Discover our network and capabilities

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Check, book and track your shipment

Our award-winning digital tool myCargo allows you to manage your Safe shipment, 24/7. This means you have control over your cargo, wherever you are.

Our dedicated experts are ready to help you

Do you have any questions or inquieries? Our service teams are always available to help you find the perfect solution.

Upgrade your booking to service level PLUS

Upgrading your booking to service level PLUS gives your cargo higher priority during loading, as well as in situations of disruption or needful repair.

Standard level

Reliable and cost-effective solutions for all your cargo.

Efficient: The AFKLMP Cargo Standard service level offers a consistent service for your transportation needs.

Expert Handling: Our experienced team will handle your cargo with the utmost care and precision, ensuring its safety throughout the transportation process.

Cost-Effective Solution: Benefit from dependable services at competitive rates with our cost-effective Standard level.

PLUS level

Beyond standard: extra priority and maximum peace of mind.

High priority: Cargo will be granted priority status when booking and in the event of any disruptions.

Extra care: Preferential handling provided during loading and unloading.

Secure your cargo with confidence

Advanced security measures, state-of-the-art vaults and robust protocols protect your goods at our hubs in Paris and Amsterdam.

Discover our Amsterdam and Paris Hubs

 Leading the sustainable aviation reformation

 We are actively working towards reducing CO2 emissions and creating a more sustainable future for aviation:

  - Our Sustainable Aviation Fuel Programme is changing the aviation game. SAF can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 85%
  - Our modern fleet (Boeing 787, Airbus A350) burns 27% less fuel compared to previous generation aircrafts
  - Our state of the art processes and facilities ensure the highest reliability possible. In 2020, this reduced waste due to
  product losses and temperature deviations by 32%

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