Product & Industry Solutions

Around 70% of all air freight originates from specific segments, each of which has its own typical logistical characteristics, special requirements and priorities.

Once your everyday cargo business is taken care of, you might want to look further – at supply chain integrity, for example, or the cost-effectiveness of your overall supply chain. That's why we have developed specific approaches for each segment. In this way, we can meet the typical logistical characteristics of your industry while at the same time addressing your special requirements and priorities. We offer dedicated teams for each industry. Teams that understand trends and the dynamics of your industry as well as you do. We can combine service and expertise in a tailor-made solution just for you. So, for every situation, we have a product or service to match.Does your shipment require specialized handling? Go for Specialized . Specialized is the most reliable way of transporting your outsize or unusual shipments or highly valuable products.

Whatever it is, we have the expertise and the capacity to ship it. We have Specialized for aerospace, art, extremely large or heavy shipments, dangerous goods, perishable goods, live animals, pharmaceuticals, valuable goods, and all types of vehicles. All Specialized come with their own specialized handling and loading procedures, as well as extra attention from our staff.
All of whom are specially trained to meet your – and your shipment's – specific needs.

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