myCargo Release Notes

You can find our myCargo release notes on this page.

  • Sprint 7.7 - RELEASED DEC 17 2018

    Quotation & Booking tool

    • You can now cancel a booking (prior to shipment acceptance)

    Profile: mySettings & Company settings

    • Delete myCargo users (if you are the admin)
    • Assign preset roles to myCargo users in your company: Commercial role (can do everything) or Operational role (can view most, no rates, cannot make quotes or bookings)
    • Set default URN: when you have more than 1 branch you manage from myCargo you can define which one loads at logon.
    • Edit your mobile phone number. Will enable messaging through SMS, Whatsapp in future solutions we plan to offer.
    • Change your password from the mySettings page
    • When you change notification settings we nowshow a confirmation message
    • We will move you to the best localized website we can match you with. If you are in Germany, we show AFKLCargo for Germany, not the Worldwide website.

    myCargo dashboard

    • We recognize our WhatCounts customers and will show them the WhatCounts logo with a link to the WhatCounts page
    • We show GrandTrophy points in the dashboard and explain how to interpret the number shown. Also in the Company profile page the status can be found now.
    • The tiles in the dashboard load quicker, stay in fixed location and you can click through before all data is shown.

    Rates tool

    • We added Promo rates to the Find a rate chapter in myCargo. You can find now Market Rates, Contract Rates and Promotional Rates.
    • We made some small improvements to the Other Charges chapter. You can see OC for any country, export them to excel. Codes are ordered alphabetically and Destination codes are explained (click with mouse). The disclaimer text takes up less space.

    Claims tool

    • You Can now upload files upto 5 megabyts (was <2mb)
    • You can change the Commodity Group yourself if it isn´t correctly pre-loaded
    • You can see your own reference in the overview
    • It is easier to select your company, names are written in full and all readable as we stacked the labels

    Schedule tool

    • We make more clear what the aircraft type is , if this changes during a week for the same route.
    • When exporting to Excel we show in 2 characters the weekday iso only 1, to prevent confusion betweeh T(uesdays) and T(Thursdays)
  • Sprint 2.2 - RELEASED MAY 23 2018 team

    • Rate validity period shown for all rates lines in environment for Rates tool
    • Users no longer automatically get to myCargo screen without being logged in, they are always routed to logon screen (thanks for reporting this annoying bug!)
    • Filters in Rates tool to enable searching
    • Search Rates by origin

    Track & Trace team

    • Fixed the size of the Details page
    • Add warehouse information in Booking progress page
    • Add Customer Service Office email and phone number in the Details page
    • Improvements made in the logic which should lead to more reliable and accurate shipment status information shown

    Quote & Book team

    • Promo Rates can be better recognized
    • More alternatives shown
    • Equation product M21 bookable till 300 kgs (chargeable weight)
    • QnB open to AF only or KL only Customer on all  flights
    • Improvement in checking « AWB already in use »  and identify technical issue on this check
    • We will ask if your shipment contains batteries, for example from trackers added by yourself or shippersImproved the loading speed of the QNB offer page
    • Improved the loading speed of the QNB offer page


    • We added a chapter called Other Charges. For your station you can check all possible other charges and their details
    • Some markets will display their promotional rates under the rates chapter

    Manage myCargo users

    • Customers can delete users/collegues from myCargo and restrict access to chapters in myCargo
    • Request your sales manager at Airfrance KLM Cargo to appoint a local admin to manage this

Benefits of an myCargo account

  • You are in control
  • Your personal toolkit
  • Switch from Quotes to Tracking in one click

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