Corporate Social Responsibility

Air transport creates welfare, vital opportunities and jobs worldwide. Unfortunately, it also generates CO2 emissions. This is still inevitable. But we can try to fly using cleaner technology. At AF-KL-MP Cargo, we've already done a lot to reduce our environmental impact and will continue to do so in the future.

Our Vision

To make a real difference, we have to take on this challenge together. We've made it easy for you to contribute, with our new CO2 information and compensation service: CO2mpensation. This unique service gives you insight into the CO2 emissions of your shipments and the opportunity to compensate. Your contribution will be invested completely in Gold Standard wind, water or solar energy projects. These projects generate the same amount of energy as that used for your shipment, but this time without any CO2 emissions – and at the lowest possible cost. This way, we can keep both our business and our planet healthy.

Our Ambition

As one of the leading companies in the air cargo business, Air France Cargo-KLM-Martinair Cargo takes social responsibility very seriously. It is our ambition to set an example in the global airline industry. This ambition reflects the scale of our company and our market position.
Being aware of the impact of our worldwide activities on the environment and society, we take action on many fronts. Sustainability is taking shape at all levels of our organisation.
Also at a corporate level, Air France-KLM strives towards profitable growth, environmental quality and social progress. Air France-KLM is committed to developing trust with all its stakeholders, to building a socially responsible group both on a national and international scale, and to investing in environmental protection that goes beyond regulatory compliance. For Air France-KLM safety and security are unquestionable obligations.

Our Policy

Air France-KLM-Martinair Cargo is dedicated to the well-being of our employees, as well as our customers. Our policy regarding our impact on the environment regionally and globally, on emissions, noise pollution and waste management is synchronized with our corporate policy.
Our environmental focus is on reducing CO2 emissions. We achieve this through continual fleet modernisation, strategic control of CO2 emissions and compensation of CO2 emissions through purchasing Gold Standard certificates.
Read more about this. For more information on the corporate sustainability policies of Air France-KLM go to airfranceklm Sustainable-development or read the CSR report 2013 (PDF).

Our Annual Report

You can read or download our latest Corporate Social Responsibility report here.

Our Ranking

In 2013, Air France-KLM was again recognized by the DJSI and the extra-financial rating agency RobecoSAM. For the 9th consecutive year, the group was ranked leader of the "Airlines category". Moreover, for the 5th year running, Air France-KLM was ranked number one of the broader "Transport Category", covering air, rail, sea and road transport as well as airport activities. Air France-KLM thus joins the 24 most sustainable companies in the world, each in their sector of activity. As a sector leader on sustainability, Air France-KLM proves its commitment to pursuing efforts and to proposing new sustainable development initiatives.

Questions about CO2?

If you have any questions on CO2 do not hestitate to send an email.

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