Our Initiatives

We are doing our utmost to lower our CO2 emissions. Shipping with AF-KL-MP Cargo means choosing a carrier with the lowest environmental impact in the business.

Our Approach

Reduction: We strive to reduce our CO2 emissions by adopting initiatives geared to modernising the fleet, for example. We are investing in cleaner, quieter aircraft. As a result, our freighter fleet is the youngest, most fuel-efficient in the world.
Control: At a corporate level, AIR FRANCE KLM actively participates in trying to establish the Single European Sky. This will enable aircraft to fly more directly to their destinations, reducing CO2 emissions by as much as 10% for each flight.

Compensation: AF-KL-MP Cargo offers customers the option of compensating for emissions through our new CO2mpensation service. By purchasing Gold Standard certificates, you invest in energy projects that do not emit CO2.

Our Projects

What does CO2 compensation entail? The amount of energy used to transport a shipment emitting CO2 is compensated by generating the same amount of energy without any CO2 emissions.
AF-KL-MP Cargo has chosen for compensation projects with a Gold Standard (GS) certificate. GS projects are the premium projects in the carbon market and are audited by external parties to ensure quality. All GS projects relate to renewable energy and energy efficiency, such as windmills, hydropower and solar energy.

The complete amount of compensation received by AF-KL-MP Cargo goes directly into a newly developed GS project. This project is driven solely by our policy of corporate investment. € 1 compensated is €1 directly invested through AF-KL-MP Cargo's own compensation service. All overhead costs are covered by AF-KL-MP Cargo. Find more information at  www.cdmgoldstandard.org.

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