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The safest way to transport dangerous goods

Transporting dangerous goods entails a great responsibility, where attention to detail is crucial. Our DGR service is made to give you peace of mind, bringing dedicated teams and state-of-the-art aircraft to maintain necessary conditions during each and every flight.


Trusted expertise

You can count on our knowledge and expert advice on all aspects of booking and handling dangerous goods.

Great network

Our extensive network allows us to carry almost all dangerous goods around the world. We strictly adhere to the regulations and handling processes governed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA)

Monitored security

We offer structural monitoring and dedicated storage, so you'll know your goods are safe along the way.

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Our award-winning digital tool myCargo allows you to manage your DGR shipment, 24/7. This means you have control over your cargo, wherever you are.

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Do you have any questions or inquieries? Our service teams are always available to help you find the perfect solution.

Upgrade your booking to service level PLUS

Upgrading your booking to service level PLUS gives your cargo higher priority during loading, as well as in situations of disruption or needful repair.

Standard level

Reliable and cost-effective solutions for all your cargo.

Efficient: The AFKLMP Cargo Standard service level offers a consistent service for your transportation needs.

Expert Handling: Our experienced team will handle your cargo with the utmost care and precision, ensuring its safety throughout the transportation process.

Cost-Effective Solution: Benefit from dependable services at competitive rates with our cost-effective Standard level.

PLUS level

Beyond standard: extra priority and maximum peace of mind.

High priority: Cargo will be granted priority status when booking and in the event of any disruptions.

Extra care: Preferential handling provided during loading and unloading.

Booking DGR

When booking a DG shipment, check the following points:
  • Check the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations and integrate the operator/States variations to make sure that the shipment's quantities, packaging and markings are acceptable for carriage.
  • It is imperative that you use the correct Special Handling Codes to declare your dangerous goods at the booking stage (use IATA SHC table as a reference). Don´t forget to add the CAO code (Cargo Aircraft Only) for goods that are not allowed on passenger flights. Then complete your booking, including all the relevant information in the free text field (e.g. “12 packages Dangerous Goods as per attached DGD”).

    This declaration is critical for the airline to guarantee compliance and safety throughout the whole process. Please follow these steps:
    • Flight assignment: manage prohibited goods and/or DG limitations for certain airlines, destinations or aircraft types. (e.g. RBI is not allowed on KL flights, DG quantities are limited on flights to US, RRY is limited on passenger flights, ICE is limited per aircraft etc.).
    • Build-up: manage dangerous goods incompatibility (e.g flammable RFL packages must not be stowed next to Lithium RBI/RBM packages) and manage build-up restrictions (e.g. RRY packages must be put on the floor of the pallet).
    • Storage: use rooms that are dedicated to dangerous goods. (DG rooms have specific features to prevent dangerous and/or environmental incidents).
    • Handling: take appropriate precautions (e.g. RRY packages are carried on special bins at CDG).
  • Even if some DG are not subject to a formal DGD (e.g. ELI, ELM, ICE), it is mandatory to declare them on the AWB, using the correct SHC, because some restrictions may apply.

If your shipment is subject to IATA Special Provisions, send your request to Customer Support to check the relevant authorisations.

If your package is equipped with an active data logger:
  • Check the tracker model is authorised by the airline.
  • Declare it on the AWB. Capture the SHC EMD and list all the characteristics (type, name etc.) in the description field.
  • See the dedicated page Your active tracking device (afklcargo.com)

Safe locations with perfect conditions

Our secure network stations have all facilities and capabilities that are required for dangerous goods.

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 Leading the sustainable aviation reformation

 We are actively working towards reducing CO2 emissions and creating a more sustainable future for aviation:

  - Our Sustainable Aviation Fuel Programme is changing the aviation game. SAF can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 85%
  - Our modern fleet (Boeing 787, Airbus A350) burns 27% less fuel compared to previous generation aircrafts
  - Our state of the art processes and facilities ensure the highest reliability possible. In 2020, this reduced waste due to
  product losses and temperature deviations by 32%

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