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Safety takes precedence at KLM Cargo, where a comprehensive array of safety protocols has been established to uphold this paramount commitment. This unwavering dedication to safety is exemplified through the attainment of the prestigious Regulated Agent (RA) designation. KLM Cargo is thrilled to share the news of our successful recognition as a Regulated Agent (RA). This attainment signifies a significant milestone in our endeavor to bolster cargo security while upholding the highest benchmarks of operational excellence.

The Regulated Agent status is a distinction bestowed upon organizations that have rigorously adhered to exacting European Union laws and regulations and have received the endorsement of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee. The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, a key supervisory authority in the Netherlands, assumes the vital responsibility of overseeing compliance with civil aviation security protocols.

Functioning as a Regulated Agent, we have meticulously incorporated security measures that traverse every phase of the air cargo handling process, spanning from the instant your consignment is acknowledged to its ultimate destination. In our pursuit of ensuring safety, we earnestly urge all visitors to our facilities to honor and adhere to the established safety and security protocols in place.

We kindly encourage you to acquaint yourself with our comprehensive set of rules and regulations prior to your visit to KLM Cargo. Your safety and the safeguarding of your cargo are our paramount concerns, and we are resolute in our commitment to maintaining an environment characterized by the highest standards of safety and operational precision.

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**Important Notice: Pre-Notification Required for Cargo Deliveries and Pickups**

All visits for cargo delivery, export, pickup, or import must be preannounced using our SmartLOXS platform. This new requirement applies to all bookings that have not been electronically processed via E-link. To comply with this updated procedure, we kindly request you to log in to your SmartLOXS account and submit the necessary pre-notification for your upcoming deliveries and pickups
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After your SmartLOXS registration is complete follow the next steps below.

Pickup with two- or three-wheel vehicles are not allowed!

Visit KLM Cargo

The existing safety regulations will remain in effect, with one important addition: you must be in possession of a certificate if you intend to access the KLM Cargo site. You must show this certificate, along with your ID, on entering the site. The certificate serves to confirm that you are fully aware of the KLM Cargo regulations.

Who needs to do it?
  • All visitors including truck drivers picking up or dropping off cargo.

What do you need to do?
  • Go to Visit Cargo  
  • Enter your email address
  • Select a language (Dutch, English, French or German)
  • Select the ‘Trucker´ option
  • A video will be shown explaining the safety regulations. You must watch this video until the end.
  • You will receive the certificate as evidence that you have viewed the full video
  • This certificate will be emailed to you
  • Print the certificate or save it to your phone
  • Keep the certificate to hand when you intend to access the KLM Cargo site
  • Check that your certificate is still valid

  • It is recommended that you obtain the certificate before accessing the KLM Cargo facility: KLM Cargo does not provide access to on-site computers or an internet connection.
  • Note the certificate is valid for six months. The expiry date is stated on the certificate.
    You must access the Visit Cargo website again before this date to renew your certificate. Make sure you do this in good time prior to its expiry.


In case of any questions, please send an email to


We would like to point out that there is no parking available for visitors on the cargo premises. Cars, motorbikes and bicycles need to be parked outside the cargo premises (paid parking P12 in front of the cargo premises is advised).

Sometimes there are exceptions for parking at our premises. Visitors which are registered by a KLM employee to visit our premises are expected to park at the right place. Beside that it is obligated to apply reverse parking unless indicated otherwise.

Sleeping on the KLM Cargo premises is not allowed.

Taking pictures

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that it is prohibited at all times to take any pictures on and around the cargo premises.

Safety Requirements

Safety at Air France KLM Martinair Cargo is important, for our employees but also for our visitors. These requirements are to inform you that the following safety regulations are at hand when visiting the KLM Cargo premises. If you fail to comply with these regulations, KLM Cargo has the right to refuse your access, temporarily or permanently.

INSTRUCTIONS OF TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS You must at all times follow the instructions of the traffic controllers at the KLM cargo facility. You will be sanctioned if you not follow these instructions (for example by withdrawing the ACN card). In addition, aggressive/inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated at KLM Cargo. Always behave according the rules of conduct as prescribed by ACN.

MAXIMUM ALLOWED SPEED There is a maximum speed of 15 km/h at the KLM Cargo facility. This maximum speed applies to all vehicles. Traffic signs, symbols and/or instructions from KLM employees must always be followed.

PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT You should always wear your safety vest and safety shoes anywhere on the KLM Cargo premises. The only exception are the marked footpaths / zebra crossings.

VISABLE WEARING YOUR ID-CARD You must always wear your ID card visibly and show it when asked. The green visitor's pass only gives access to the forecourt. With the green visitor pass, you are not allowed to enter the cargo area beyond the red line. Discovering unauthorized persons with air cargo can have far-reaching consequences.

SEAL MAY NOT BE DEFECTED BY UNAUTHORIZED PERSONS The sealing of cargo may only be broken by a KLM employee. It is not allowed to unload cargo without uncompromised sealing. Broken seals and/or freight offered with open doors will not be accepted as safe freight. Opening and closing of truck freight doors may only take place at the dock and not prior in the parking lot.

RECOGNIZABILITY Commercial vehicles must have a company logo on both sides of at least 30 by 50 centimeters. In addition, it is preferred that commercial vehicles have a word mark that clearly shows the name of the company represented. The driver in question must be able to demonstrate, through valid identification, that he is working for the company in question.

ACCESSIBILITY The name of the driver and the telephone number on which he can be reached at the time of the visit to the KLM Cargo premises must be visible and legible from the outside behind the windscreen of the vehicle.


Want to make a booking, please contact your local customer service organization.

Please note this is not a comprehensive overview of laws and regulations that may apply to air transport. Air France KLM Martinair Cargo cannot be held responsible for the correctness, nor completeness, of the information provided.

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