Twelfth Package of Sanctions in response to Russia´s invasion of Ukraine

AlertsDec - 20, 2023
Twelfth Package of Sanctions in response to Russia´s invasion of Ukraine

The EU has massively expanded sanctions against Russia in 2022, in response to Russia's decision to recognise the non-government-controlled areas of the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts as independent entities and the unprovoked and unjustified military aggression against Ukraine.

This timeline gives an overview of the EU restrictive measures imposed on Russia since 2014.

For more accurate and latest information about restrictive measures against Russia, please check this website: Timeline - EU restrictive measures against Russia over Ukraine - Consilium ( )

Latest information from the Dutch government on sanction packages against Russia: Rijksoverheid

Timeline 2023

18 December - Twelfth package of sanctions in response to Russia´s invasion of Ukraine

The Council adopted a twelfth package of economic and individual restrictive measures in view of the continued Russian war of aggression against Ukraine.

These measures target high-value sectors of the Russian economy and make it more difficult to circumvent EU sanctions.

The agreed package includes the following measures:

  • prohibition on the direct or indirect import, purchase or transfer of diamonds including jewellery from Russia.
  • no Russia clause (a new clause which applies to EU exporters and bans the re-exportation to Russia and re-exportation for use in Russia of certain goods)
  • strengthening bilateral and multilateral cooperation with third countries to impede sanctions´ circumvention.
  • tighter export restrictions concerning dual use goods and technologies.   
  • enforcement of oil price cap
  • further restrictions on imports of goods which generate significant revenues for Russia such as pig iron, copper and aluminium wires, foil tubes and pipes.
  • prohibition on the import of liquefied propane

28 July - Information manipulation in Russia´s war of aggression against Ukraine: EU lists seven individuals and five entities

On 28 July, the Council decided to impose restrictive measures against seven Russian individuals and five entities responsible for conducting a digital information manipulation campaign called 'RRN' (Recent Reliable News), aimed at distorting information and disseminating propaganda in support of Russia´s war of aggression against Ukraine.

This campaign, in which government bodies or bodies affiliated with the Russian State have participated, relies on fake web pages usurping the identity of national media outlets and government websites, as well as fake accounts on social media. This coordinated and targeted information manipulation is part of a broader hybrid campaign by Russia against the EU and the member states.

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