Customer survey: improvements acknowledged

Improving togetherJan - 01, 2016
More than 3,500 of you participated in our 2015 survey, far more than last year´s number. Your appreciation and comments are of crucial value in helping us improve the service we offer you. The preliminary results have demonstrated your appreciation of our communication and proximity services.

Our customers have applauded RealTime Care—our digital information service in the event of a discrepancy—as a substantial improvement. Our Sales and Customer services are also identified as strong assets in our business relationship. In several markets, you ranked AFKLMP Cargo at the top of your preferences. For us, however, this is only the start. Using your comments, we will intensify our efforts further to improve the “flown as planned” performance and deliver quality that meets your expectations. We aim to keep on simplifying our business for you. Based on your valuable input, we have made reliability and simplicity our core objectives in our 2016 action plan.

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