In aerospace logistics getting the right part in the right place at the right time is the key to success. The ultimate solution for engines, helicopters, landing gears and all other parts needing special care and handling. Aerospace concerns high added value components, the speed varies between routine, critical and A.O.G.  The business depends on a 24/7 operation. Your logistical partner needs to understand this to meet your needs. That's why your shipment gets priority treatment from our experienced and dedicated staff.

Specialized services

We offer you the highest quality level in logistics. Our way of working ensures priority treatment for the aircraft industry; it includes monitoring of your shipment to ensure parts move as requested. We have developed specialized services and equipment for routine maintenance or Aircraft On Ground (AOG) situations.

Variation Aerospace

Do you need special handling for your aerospace commodities? We offer Specialized Aerospace. Are you looking for extra attention for your highly valuable engine shipments? We have the experience and specialize in engine traffic.

Our product services:
  • Special handling and loading advice on request;
  • Monitoring & corrective actions if necessary;
  • In case of discrepancies a notification is issued;
  • Dedicated & experienced operational staff;
  • Handling procedures per engine type;
  • Special equipment for Big engines;
  • Pick-up and delivery per air ride truck.

Aircraft On Ground (AOG)

In case of an Aircraft On Ground (AOG) situation, speed and accuracy are vital. As we are an airline ourselves, we naturally understand this. So trust in us to give your AOG shipments the proper treatment. Our professional and dedicated staff focus the swift uplift of your urgent parts and engines.

For your Aircraft On Ground situations, we offer: Variation Aerospace for AOG to handle all your AOG shipments in need of special care, such as engines, helicopters, aircraft parts and landing gears.

  • High boarding priority and offer additional services;
  • Reliable access to capacity on next scheduled flight;
  • High speed product;
  • Quick transfers at our hubs;
  • Monitoring and corrective actions are taken when needed;
  • In case of discrepancies a notification is issued.

Besides these dedicated products for specific aerospace commodities we offer a full portfolio of products for aerospace parts and components, designed to meet your needs.

The right part in the right place at the right time.

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