myCargo for your Cargo

We believe collaboration is the key to affordable, reliable, and efficient shipping. That’s why we’ve designed myCargo to make sure you’re part of the shipping process, every step of the way. That means full transparency, real-time updates, and a team of dedicated people that understand your needs. Everybody needs a shipping partner they can trust. That’s why we promise myCargo will always be there for your cargo.

Simple, Efficient and User-Friendly

myCargo is a personal digital self-service portal, simplifying and connecting all aspects of your business. All your myCargo needs in one, convenient place.

24/7 e-Bookings

Access a worldwide network of shipping opportunities and find the flight you need. Compare flight schedules and ship your cargo, your way.

Best Available Rates

Make a quote request, see an overview of your quotes, and compare quotes. You will get the best available rate and route, right on the platform itself.

Modify my booking: modify anytime, anywhere

In an ever-changing world, sometimes you need to make changes. Modify my booking is our latest addition to our myCargo digital platform, allowing you to change your booking 24-7, from wherever you are.

Always-on Cargo Updates

The shipment list gives you an instant overview of your cargo and its progress and status updates. You never have to lose touch with your cargo.

On-Demand Customer Support

Get support, assistance, and advice from experts that compliment myCargo, just one click or phone call away. Have a complicated shipment? We´re always here to help.

FAQ MyCargo - Modify my Booking

Why is the functionality of Modify my Booking sometimes not available in myCargo?

We are constantly working on improving our service. As modify my booking is a new feature, it may not yet be available for all shipments, but we are continually expanding our offering.

In the following cases it is not yet possible to use this feature within myCargo;

  • Bookings with 0 pieces
  • Bookings with shipper and/or consignee Information
  • Bookings in allotments
  • Bookings which are parted


Please note it may not be possible to amend the capacity of your shipment on flights with limited capacity, even if you are reducing the capacity size. We are working to develop this feature so that you will soon be able to modify your booking capacity on all flights.

What can I modify in myCargo?

Any flight and shipment details can be modified in myCargo  subject to availability – for example; origin, destination, product, flight, shipment details.

What happens to the reserved capacity whilst I am modifying my booking?

Your capacity is retained during the modification process until the booking is submitted. Until this point you can always abort the modification.

What happens to the price when I modify my booking?

Customer will receive the best available rate pending capacity at that moment in time. This means the rate can increase or decrease during the modification process.

Why is it better to modify my booking rather than just cancelling it and make a new booking?

It is much more quicker and easier to modify your booking than making a new one. You will also keep the same AWB, and your current booking is still secured until the moment you submit the modification.

Until what moment in time am I able to modify my booking?

You can modify until acceptance of your shipment.

Can I still contact Customer Service to modify a booking?

Of course, Customer Service can always help you, also with the online myCargo modification.

Will I receive any confirmation of the modified booking?

Yes, you will get an email confirmation of the modified booking. This email will be sent to the person who created the original booking and the person who has modified the booking.


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