Paperwork plays an important role in our industry. Paper documents can get lost, handling them takes valuable time and they leave an ecological footprint. But with your help we can change this, by getting rid of the pouch, sending your documents directly to the final destination (e-Freight) and removing the need for a hardcopy Air Waybill by signing an EDI contract with IATA (e-AWB) and confirm this with an Activation Notice with Airfrance / KLM.   

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What is e-freight?

The goal of e-Freight is to digitalise paper documents throughout our supply chain, providing you a more cost efficient, accurate and reliable shipping process.

What are the major benefits of the e-Freight?

There are many benefits of implementing the e-AWB for Shippers/Freight Forwaders and airlines. The following are just some of the key benefits of the e-AWB that have been identified by industry stakeholders: a Reduction in processing cost due to the removal of paper air waybill; a greater accuracy of air waybill data; a reduction in shipment handling delay due to missing or illegible paper air waybill; and Real-time access to air waybill data.

What are the requirements to start e-freight with AFKL?

Sign IATA Multilateral e-AWB Agreement, Capability to send out FWB / XFWB and FHL / XFHL messages, quality tests and activation notice (bilateral agreement) sent by the Airline

What is a Multilateral e-Awb agreement?

The Multilateral e-AWB Agreement (MeA) provides the legal framework for parties to conclude cargo contracts by electronic means. MeA ensures freight forwarders will have an agreement that will allow them to tender e-AWB shipments to multiple airlines.

What is an Activation Notice?

Before you can use the e-AWB, airline and freight forwarder need to decide about the locations where they will start with e-AWBs. Together they can validate and ensure e-AWB operational readiness of both parties (such as business processes, electronic communication and data quality). The Activation Notice is abilateral agreement.

What does the single process mean?

When you have been activated by the airline, you can start using e-AWBs, no need to deliver your paper AWB to AF KLM office. You only have to send the e-awb and if a paper AWB is still required at final stations, we will print it for you.

What is an E-AWB?

The e-AWB is the electronic version of the master Airway bill, called FWB. It becomes the electronic contract of carriage.

Do I need to bring a paper AWB when I send in an e-awb?

No, for destinations that may require a paper AWB for regulatory, operational or customs reasons, AFKL will print the paper AWB for you, based on the air waybill data transmitted (see single process).

What type of IATA format message do I need to have to ensure all data is captured?

To ensure that all datafield are received by AFKL , the minimum is CARGOIMP V16, or XML.

Can I do e-AWB to all destinations?

Yes, see single process.

Can I ship special cargo using e-AWB?

Yes, you can do e-AWB for all special cargo. Ensure to provide all other necessary paper documents.

If I switch to e-AWB, what happens when I need to send in a document pouch?

You deliver your paper documents in a pouch (identified with AWB number) and ensure your FWB includes the special handling code (SHC) EAP (Electronic airwaybill with Pouch).

Where can I see if FWB is received?

You receive back a FMA (see question nXX); If you receive a FNA, message has been rejected (see question number xx).

What is FHL?

The FHL is the electronic version of the house airway bill.

Must all Other charges (CC etc.) inserted in the FWB?

Yes, they must be inserted in the FWB.

How can the relevant security information be transmitted via FWB?

The security information (e-CSD) can be inserted in the OCI field of the FWB.

Where do I insert EAP / EAW code ?

In the SPH field of the FWB.

What is the difference between EAW/ EAP?

EAW – special handling code indicating that there is no document pouch to be delivered by the freight forwarder EAP – special handling code indicating that there is a document pouch to be delivered by the freight forwarder.

Can Freight Forwarder amend the data on FWB after receiving RCS?

No further amendment on the FWB is allowed after RCS is generated.

What if I need to make changes to the FWB after you set the RCS-status?

Please contact us, you will have to do a CCA request same for a paper LTA.

What is a FMA ?

The FMA is a message sent automatically to the sender of the FWB/FHL. It confirms that AFKL has received the message in their system.

What is a FNA ?

The FNA is a message sent automatically to the sender of the FWB/FHL. It indicates a syntax/content error of the FWB/FHL message. You need to correct the message and send it back.

In case an FNA is sent how can you see what was wrong with it?

In the content of the FNA there is a error code relative to a field of the FWB.

What happens if my FWB and I deliver the cargo to AFKL?

In order for AFKL to accept a shipment we need to either have a paper AWB or have received a valid FWB before delivery.

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