Our new and unique tool for Pharma capabilities

PharmaDec - 07, 2018

Dear customer,

Transparency is a very important factor for the Pharmaceutical clients. We are therefore proud and pleased to offer you our brand new Pharma Global Capability tool on www.afklcargo.comAs of today, you can easily look up and download a greater insight into our finely-meshed Pharma network, with nearly 300 stations worldwide.

Transparency of operational facilities and handling processes is also one of the key GDP pillars. We need to show, and you need to know, how we handle your sensitive products. In the past, it was often time-consuming to gather all the required information in a secure and reliable form. Nowadays, we are able to share all the details you need, simply and directly.

With just a few clicks, you can check the capabilities per station or you can download information for our entire network! Thanks to the proposed technology, our digital tool enables you to upload station data and make it available in your preferred format. This information is freely accessible and can be easily automated for use in your IT tool.

You can check and download a full overview of capabilities, including storage facilities per product type, number and size of climate rooms, average lead times, certifications, security etc. All this information is regularly checked and updated by our dedicated Pharma Engineers Team.

We sincerely hope that our digital, fast, secure and transparent new tool will make your work easier and help you save time in your pre-sales process.

We look forward to welcoming your pharmaceutical shipments on our flights.

Best wishes,

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