Fully paperless (EAW)

Paper still plays an important role in the air cargo industry. However handling paper takes valuable time, paper documents can get lost and paper leaves an ecological footprint. Therefore, the air cargo industry has a large potential to reduce the usage of paper, to move to digital solutions and to use electronic data interchange messaging.

Fully paperless shipments (EAW shipments) represent the ultimate digital cargo journey: these are e-AWB shipments without any accompanying documents. Fully paperless shipments have multiple benefits for all stakeholders in the supply chain.

The advantages of digital cargo operations and fully paperless cargo:

More accurate and more reliable electronic messaging.

Lower cost, the entire industry can save up to 4.9 billion US dollars per year.

Environmentally friendly, e-Freight will eliminate more than 7,800 tons of paper documents.

A faster process and a more seamless cargo journey

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