Finding the best Cargo deal with Quote & Book

eCommerceFeb - 24, 2016
Right now we are testing our new digital service, “Quote and Book” in a number of pilot markets. The service is designed to facilitate online quotes and bookings. It lets you see your different flight options and choose your best cargo deal, quickly and easily!

Since the 9th of February, we have been running a pilot programme for “Quote and Book”, our new innovative booking tool. With just a few clicks, you can ship general cargo up to 500 kg around the world. “Quote & Book” is an extension of the “Get a Quote” tool on our website. Now, the pilot markets not only show quotes at the best available rate immediately, but can also make online bookings—24/7!

The principle is simple: Log in, give us your shipment details, and select your best cargo deal.

Save time and be one click ahead of competition!

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