myCargo portal is improving.

General CargoSep - 04, 2017
Practice makes perfect, which is why we keep improving the myCargo portal. Following the Kaizen process, we have now implemented new features to serve you better.

You can now access your personal information via a new menu in the top-right corner of your screen, and you can now easily change the name and telephone number in your profile. And from here, you can also switch between different branches or URN, and you can edit the long-term subscriptions you wish to receive. We´ve also added an offload message subscription. All you have to do is tick this box to get automatic notifications of irregularities.

During the summer, we also made various improvements to make myCargo even more user-friendly. If you missed them, here they are again.

We created a cleaner screen with a revamped layout, giving you a seven-day calendar. We also ensure faster service, giving you a quote and booking confirmation in under a minute. If the quote expires or capacity is no longer available on your chosen flight, we now offer you alternative capacity within the tool.

Why not take a look on myCargo

We hope you like the new features.

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