The new A220-300 has a range of 5,000 kilometers. Air France operates the new aircraft from Paris Charles-de Gaulle to destinations in Europe.

The A220 is equipped with the latest techniques and construction. By using new materials such as lithium aluminum, the aircraft is lighter than its predecessors.

Compared to the older A318 and A319 that the A220 replaces, fuel consumption is expected to be about 20% less. In addition, the A220 produces 20% less CO2 and the aircraft is 34% quieter.

How to read this table, to find out if your piece fits into this aircraft?
1. Start with the width of your package, find the right column. These are maxima.
2. Find the height of your package in the correct row.
3. Where your selected column and row meet you will find a number. This number represent the maximum lenght of your package to make it fit into this aircraft.

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