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Our customer newsletter informs customers on issues regarding the airfreight industry that have an effect on our business and on our customers: increase of the fuel surcharge, adjustments in our network, customs regulations, et cetera. This newsletter keeps you up-to-date of these developments

Customer Newsletters 2020

31-01-2020 January Newsletter
28-02-2020 February Newsletter

Customer Newsletters 2013

03-12-2013 Click 'n Book, making an e-booking was never so easy
04-11-2013 Extra capacity to Panama this winter from Paris Charles de Gaulle
31-10-2013 Additional destinations requiring electronic shipment information
22-10-2013 Full Freighter Operations to Curitiba (CWB), Brazil
15-10-2013 New destinations in the winter schedule 2013-2014
20-09-2013 Update: Embargo to Lagos (Nigeria) fully lifted on Sunday September 22nd
20-09-2013 Embargo to Lagos (Nigeria) with immediate effect and until further notice
12-09-2013 AFKLMP Cargo implements chargeable weight as basis for surcharges per November 4, 2013
03-09-2013 One Air Waybill (074) for all KLM and Martinair shipments - update
12-08-2013 Additional Freighter opportunities to Cairo (Egypt)
08-08-2013 Fire at Jomo Kenyatta Airport (NBO) - UPDATE
07-08-2013 Fire at Jomo Kenyatta Airport (NBO) – temporary airport closure
05-08-2013 Impact additional security regulations for cargo to the USA - update
05-08-2013 Impact additional security regulations for cargo to the USA
23-07-2013 New Freighter opportunities Caracas
19-07-2013 Announcement Job Transfer Mattijs ten Brink
19-06-2013 Minneapolis (USA), the new AF-KL-MP Cargo summer destination from Paris CDG
17-06-2013 First AF-KL-MP freighter flight to Abu Dhabi (AUH)
12-06-2013 European Air Traffic Control industrial action ending on June 13th at 6.00 AM
11-06-2013 Update: Air France will keep its cargo schedule despite ATC industrial action
10-06-2013 Air France will keep its cargo schedule despite ATC industrial action
05-06-2013 Shipments to Santo Domingo (Benelux)
22-05-2013 Air France-KLM-Martinair Cargo and Etihad start code share network
26-04-2013 KLM and Martinair align requirements for shipping dangerous goods
26-04-2013 New freighter opportunities to Istanbul
28-03-2013 New e-Claim service
19-03-2013 One AWB One sytem
13-03-2013 Summer Schedule 2013
12-03-2013 CDG Cargo operations status update
22-02-2013 Update: Irregularities in part of CDG Cargo Operations
20-02-2013 Irregularities in part of CDG Cargo Operations
19-02-2013 Improved CPS tool for Air France-KLM-Martinair Cargo
15-02-2013 Air France-KLM-Martinair Cargo aligns security surcharge mechanism
13-02-2013 New Pharma 15-25°C product for Air France-KLM-Martinair Cargo
21-01-2013 Cargo Operations back to normal at Paris and Amsterdam
21-01-2013 Snowfall impacts Cargo operations Paris CDG
15-01-2013 Snowfall at Schiphol hub: limited impact
08-01-2013 New Pharma product names in CPS and GFX booking tool
04-01-2013 Expansion Freighter opportunities to Mumbai-Customer Newsletter

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