e-AWB makes your business e-asy

eCommerceSep - 03, 2015
Saving time matters to you. During ground handling and during air transport, but also during the documentation process. The e-AWB, part of the e-Freight initiative, is the solution you need for accuracy, reliability, simplicity and cost efficiency.

The goal of e-Freight is to replace paper documentation with digital equivalents throughout the supply chain. Nowadays, up to 34 documents may be required for a single shipment! AIR FRANCE KLM MARTINAIR Cargo is very much involved in the e-AWB programme, ensuring shorter handling times and compliance with the growing number of customs regulations, which demand that shipment information be submitted well in advance. And if you´re wondering about those countries that still demand paper AWBs. no need to worry. We'll print it out for you. For further information, please contact your local CSO. LET'S GET DIGITAL with the e-AWB.


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