Improving our e-claim tool

General CargoApr - 29, 2016
We have improved our e-claim tool by adding new features and making it even more user-friendly. The new tool is scheduled for launch this summer!

The look and feel of the tool has been reworked. It is now responsive, offering the possibility to access the tool via a tablet or smart phone.

The new tool will provide a clear overview of all your submitted claims and will facilitate an easy follow up. For example, you can check where your claim is being handled, the status of your formal claim and which documents are required to process a claim.
Moreover, it is now also possible to easily convert a pre-claim into a formal claim saving you time! The information you submitted during the pre-claim process will be automatically transferred to the formal claim. To ensure you are updated about the status of your formal claim, you will receive an automated e-mail notification if the status changes.


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