Faster truck connections at CDG

Improving togetherNov - 20, 2014
We introduce Fast Connect: a modernized service that reduces the connection time at CDG to 6 hours

When flying your goods around the world, a smooth connection can make all the difference. That is why we introduce Fast Connect: a modernised service that improves the connection process between European trucks and our airplanes departing from Charles de Gaule (CDG). How? By making the process more streamlined. For example, all shipments are now grouped according to destination before being transported. So when the goods arrive at CDG, they are pre-sorted. We have also added new unloading dock capacities, specifically designed for non-palletised freight (loose items). Lastly, we have new portable devices that notify the workforce immediately where a specific freight has to go.

With Fast Connect, we reduced the connection time at CDG to 6 hours. Presently, 14 European stations benefit from this service: SWK (Milan, Italy) / NTE (Nantes, France) / LYS (Lyon, France) / BOD (Bordeaux, France) / SXB (Strasbourg, France) / FRA (Frankfurt, Germany) / MRS (Marseille, France) / BRU (Brussels, Belgium) / TRN (Turin, Italy) / MLH (Basel, Mulhouse, Freiburg, France) / GVA (Geneva, Switzerland) / ZRH (Zurich, Switzerland) / AMS (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) / LHR (London, United Kingdom).

New stations will be added soon, such as BCN (Barcelona, Spain), MAD (Madrid, Spain), and BIO (Bilbao, Spain).


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