Mangoes from around the world

General CargoMay - 31, 2016
Mango season has begun! AIR FRANCE KLM MARTINAIR Cargo is flying this tropical fruit to Europe from Abidjan and Mexico. Which variety would you prefer this summer?

To meet Europe´s growing demand for mangoes, AIR FRANCE KLM MARTINAIR Cargo has teamed up with Fermac Cargo Espana in operating a new freighter route from Abidjan, Ivory Coast, to Madrid, Spain. On April 19, a shipment of 90 tons of Kent mangoes – a very popular variety in Europe – were offloaded at Barajas Airport, which is a key entry point for European foodstuffs. On their side, Fermac Cargo Espana provides services such as mango inspection, customs clearance etc. Six more B777-200 freighter flights, carrying no less than 300 tons of this delicious fruit, have been operated in recent weeks .

Mexican mangoes are also being flown in for sale in Europeans stores. This season we expect to carry around 500 tons on nine flights a week from Mexico to Amsterdam and Paris.

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