“Notify me” registration: stay informed, always!

General CargoMar - 31, 2016
To stay ahead of information, you already know about our “Notify me” service via Track & Trace. Do you know that you can also choose to register permanently for this service?

You will find this Real Time Notice service at AFKL online Track & Trace under the “Notify me” button. It enables you to get the information you want about any given shipment. You can choose to be informed once the shipment has departed or once it has arrived, for example.

For a few weeks now, you have been able to register to always receive this information for all your AFKL cargo shipments. You just need to select which of the five possible pieces of information you want to receive (Accepted, Departed, Received, Ready for pick-up, Delivered) and ask your local CSO to register your email address for this service.


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