Express: the right speed

Express is not merely a product; it’s a unique form of transportation, enabling us to meet all your needs for speed and urgency.

Air France KLM Martinair Cargo is proud to inform you that, from 26 March, 2018, the weight limit for your Express shipments will increase from 100kgs to 300kgs per airway bill.

About Express

Small & heavy shipments in accordance with industry standards.
Your demand for speed in carrying small & heavy shipments is very important to us. We understand your expectations and are fully committed to being your preferred speed carrier. To this end, we´ve opened a fully automated HubExpress in Paris and are working towards doing the same in Amsterdam.

Express is a Skyteam product. It offers a wide range of solutions for:
•    Small & speedy shipments
•    Courier shipments
•    Diplomatic shipments
•    Transportation of live human organs
•    Big shipments requiring swift access to capacity and fast handling
•    Shipments of any size combined with a selection of special handling options

Innovative solutions

Innovative solutions: small at full speed and heavy urgent shipments

•    For your shipments of up to 300kgs per shipment, with pieces of up to 32kgs each
•    Booking mandatory.
•    You can deliver the shipment to us up to 90 minutes before departure at most origin stations.
•    Your shipment will transit in Paris and in Amsterdam within a minimum of three hours.
•    This service is also available for your AOG shipments
•    Full track & trace
•    24/7 booking online possible
•    Suitable for e-Freight
Express Courier
•    Your courier shipments, including your courier bags will benefit from our dedicated service in Paris and Amsterdam
•    We will transport your courier goods quickly and efficiently
•    Where applicable, the shipments will be delivered to the courier terminal at the destination for swift customs handling and release
•    Full track & trace
•    24/7 booking online possible
•    Suitable for e-Freight

Express Diplomatic
•    For all your diplomatic shipments, we invite you to use our Express Diplomatic solution
•    Your shipments of up to 300kgs per shipment, in addition to quick transit at our Paris and Amsterdam hubs
•    Booking mandatory
•    Full track & trace
•    24/7 booking online possible
•    Suitable for e-Freight 

Express Live Human Organs
•    Saving human lives is a top priority
•    Together with you, we will ensure that critical shipments are transported quickly and safely to their destination, while being handled and carried with the utmost care

Express Heavy
•    If you need access to capacity and extra-fast uplift, Express Heavy is the best solution
•    It´s mainly dedicated to your shipments of more than 300kgs or pieces of more than 32kgs each
•    You can use Express Heavy for any size shipment, combined with special handling: pharmaceuticals of 2 to 25 degrees Celsius, DGR (except explosives, radioactive materials and CAO)
•    Full track & trace
•    24/7 booking online possible
•    Suitable for e-Freight

Our dedicated hub facilities

Fully automated handling: our HubExpress.
We offer HubExpress facilities at both our Paris and Amsterdam hubs. Your shipments are handled automatically and are swiftly prepared for the connecting flight. Our facilities at both hubs are located in the vicinity of our passenger aircraft. This enables us to quickly unload, sort and load your shipments onto the connecting flights.

Global capabilities tool

Quick and easy access to our capabilities is also part of responding to your needs for speed and urgency. With this online tool, you enjoy 24/7 access to the Express solutions available at all the stations of our worldwide network. Take a tour below.

Why choose us?

We know your business.
Whether small or large, when it comes to speed, your shipments are a priority for us. Our latest investment in new, fully automated state-of-the-art facilities at our hubs proves that we understand your business and that we are committed to partnering up with you to satisfy your customers´ needs.

Your quality is our priority
Air France & KLM have 30 years of experience as reliable partner for the transportation of express cargo. Quality is our driver and we constantly aim to go that extra mile to ensure we maintain your trust while transporting your Express shipments. Our staff members are constantly on the go to ensure that you see us as a quality partner, transporting your various Express shipments.

Express is more than just a product
We can also offer you other services. Should you require from/to door services or need to rent space at our Paris facility to process your shipments, please let us know and we will set things up with you.

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Should you have any questions about our services, please contact one of our local Customer Service professionals or your Sales Manager.

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