Staying Fresh all year long

eCommerceSep - 03, 2015
Keeping your fresh commodities cool throughout the year is your priority and ours. At Paris Charles de Gaulle we have more than 6000 m² of perishables facilities, including dedicated and differentiated cool rooms, to accommodate your products. This ensures the cold chain is protected at all times.

Fresh foodstuffs are temperature sensitive and may be subject to inspection. Paris CDG, with Rungis Market nearby, is one of Europe’s leading food-trade platforms. You can be certain your commodities are handled with care and in accordance with veterinary and phytosanitary regulations. Our G1XL hub has 6300 m² of perishables-focused areas, including a dedicated cool room for meat, a dedicated cool room for seafood, and a specific cold room for meat carcasses. This keeps your sensitive commodities fresh, all year long. More information is available here here


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